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Nathan competed in a high-level senior European event in Netherlands last weekend "THE HAGUE GRAND PRIX" and is now in Japan with Josh. Kyle left for Japan this week. They are now preparing for their next competition: the Tokyo Grand Slam on 1st to 3rd December for Nathan and all 3 will compete in the Asian Open Hong Kong 9th – 10th December.

    Nathan’s Round 2 match was with Van Der Werff NED who had beaten the favoured Piras ITA in the first round. Nathan looked good in this match. There was some very aggressive gripping from both sides but Nathan appeared in control putting Kouchi, Sasae, Morote and Ippon Seoi-Nage to good effect. NED also attempted Kouchi but his Uchimata was almost countered with Sukashi. With 30 seconds remaining and Nathan looking like he was dictating the play, NED skipped to the side and dropped under for a Sumi-Gaeshi which Nathan tried to spin off. The finish was strong and Ippon was scored. Such a shame in a solid match with good tempo and attacks from Nathan. NED lost his next match against MGL only near the end, and MGL went on to win the division.  


Congratulations to Lubo Petr for being a finalist in the “Officials” Category for the 2017 NSW Sport Awards. We wish him well for the upcoming dinner. Good luck also to Judo NSW who made the final list in the “Organisation” Category. 


Judo NSW 2017 Club of the Year!!

    27 Budokanis attended the prestigious Judo NSW Annual Awards Night and dinner last weekend. Budokan had 31 of 109 nominated positions in the ten “Age” and two “Kyu Grades” categories, as well as 9 of 30 coach nominated awards. We had nominations in both Junior and Senior Kata, Volunteer of the Year as well as Club of the Year and Junior Development Club of the Year. We are very proud of Budokan Judo Club for becoming the Judo NSW 2017 Club of the Year for the fourth year in a row, overall the fifth time we have won this award. The club has also won Junior Development Club of the Year twice. 

   Congratulations to all Budokan athletes who made the final list for age category awards, to those who were finalists in the 30 nominated coaches awards, as well as finalists in other awards contested. Budokan athletes won 5 of the 10 available Age Category awards which is amazing.  Our Age Category Winners are: 

    • Bianca Tandean - Junior Girls


    • Sam Lobsey - Senior Boys


    • Beth Wade and Mina Woo - Senior Girls


    • Kyle McIndoe - Junior Men


    • Josh Katz - Senior Men


    • The overall Age Category winner of the Sue Williams Awards was Josh Katz


          Our athletes who won Coaches Awards were:


        • Zach Colman - Cadet Men


        • Nathan Katz - Senior Men

 Finally, Bernhard and Bianca Tandean won the Junior Kata Award. Congratulations again to all the finalists and the award winners, and to all the club's athletes who put in such a big effort this year. What an amazing result.  



  • Tuesday 28th November – No Training – 6.30 for 7.15pm - Budokan Awards Night – all welcome


  • Wednesday 6th December – last MONS session for 2017


  • Wednesday 13th and Friday 15th December – last Dino sessions


  • Thursday 14th December – last Junior and Senior sessions for 2017


  • Tuesday 2nd January – 8.00am – Hall clean and laying of carpet tiles (may take more than 1 day)


  • Saturday 6th January – 8.00am – Mat Scrub and remaining hall clean


  • Tuesday 16th January – first Junior and Senior sessions for 2018


  • Thursday 18th – 21st January – Illawarra International Camp


  • Wednesday 7th February – First MONS session for 2018


  • Wednesday 7th and Friday 9th February – First Dinos sessions for 2018